An ongoing capital campaign until Spring

The LUMENary Drive is our annual capital campaign fundraiser to help bridge the gap between tuition and the actual cost to educate each student. Though tuition accounts for the highest portion of revenue (48{d4876d85bca45a190b33d6c696456a399841af28eb325342d1f9ba09483f3a19}), the LUMENary Drive is essential to supporting Lumen Christi’s effort to provide a strong Catholic education foundation. These dollars make it possible to offer advanced math and science classes, retain exceptional teachers, and provide spiritual growth opportunities.

No matter how large or modest your gift, your support plays a critical role in achieving these goals. By lighting the path to the future, your contribution ensures a vital Catholic education for students at Lumen Christi High School.


  • Actual cost per student is $12,100
  • LCHS tuition and fees are $6,350
  • Gap per student is $5,700
  • Campaign ends in Spring